World Peace: An Inside Job

be the change


By: Jo Englesson | May 07, 2015

I believe it is my responsibility to become aware, be willing to take a stand and make choices that will generate love, gratitude, abundance and peace in the world. My life is dedicated to bringing this kind of awareness to humanity. I am committed to a world where children get that they matter, where each person knows they are a contribution to the all. I am committed to creating a world that people want to live in, a thriving peaceful planet.

Here is my question to you, “What if World Peace is dependent on you?” 

Well, I hate (or should I say, love?) to break it to you: world peace DOES depend on you! Before I get into details, let’s take a look from the other side first. If peace is dependent on me, then war is my result as well. This concept is quite a big one to comprehend, which is why most of us say things like: “THEY are making war. I am working so hard to make THEM stop. I am donating money to peace organizations. I am discussing peace and what can be done about it wherever I go. I join anti-war rallies.” That is all fine and dandy…until you go home and create conflict with your husband or wife, judge your children’s decisions, or yell at the driver who just cut you off. Our day-to-day behaviors are what will generate world peace or war. If we are war-ing at home and at work, it doesn’t matter how much money we donate or how desperately we want peace. It just ain’t gonna happen. Period.

Humans have been blessed with the power to deliberately create in this world. Places, things and events do NOT inherently create anything…people do. It is not our physical self that creates…it’s our mind. Although at times we may need to use our physical hands, creation always originates from an idea, a thought. Thought, in turn, is responsible for our actions and emotions. If you are acting in a manner that does not give you inner peace or you are in a bad mood, you have had an originating thought that created that mood or action. When a family generates enough damaging thoughts and beliefs, the family breaks down and what is created is a micro-war. These micro-wars can be found everywhere…at work, in governments, at school, etc.

Why is this happening? The answer is simple: humanity is addicted to conflict. Over time, we have been molded into beings that thrive on drama, gossip, problems and conflict. Here’s the good news though – on some level, it is not our fault. We simply inherited this fear-based consciousness and are now operating on automatic…unaware we are doing it. However, it is our responsibility to make different choices – choices that will generate world peace.

How I see this happening in my lifetime is by inspiring people to act from kindness and be grateful for everything in their lives. I am asking you to be a leader with me in this movement. As a leader your first job is to “be the change,” to live and embody the distinction of Peace and to choose peace and love in all your thoughts, actions and conversations. Once you have mastered this, I ask that you share it with another human being and then another, and then another…until the vision is manifest.


In Gratitude,

Jo Englesson – Creative Peacemaker

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