Expansion: Detroit, Michigan…and beyond

By: Jo Englesson | February 26, 2016


The time finally came! We opened the Gratitude Trainings in Detroit, Michigan on February 11, 2016.  Seventy-one amazing individuals from all walks of life showed up ready to take themselves to the next level.  I want to acknowledge the Legacy Build Team in Detroit for their diligence, passion and tenacity to have this happen and in such a loving and peaceful manner.  This is your baby now…and I am excited to see it fly!

When my coach told me a year and a half ago that I was to have four operating centers by 2016, I thought he was out of his mind.  Today, I am happy to say that he was right, and I was wrong. In order to manifest big declarations, I’ve had to consistently re-invent and re-design myself so that who I am in the world is always congruent with my vision.  So today I am proud to announce:  I am the context (environment) for the Gratitude Trainings in four cities!  Now that I have given myself a pat on the back, I am immediately ready to ask the obvious question:  What’s next?

What’s next?…..Is it a loaded question? A scary one? An exciting inquisition?

Well, you may have heard my big declaration from about a year ago:  Gratitude Training will be in 300 cities in 10 years (2025)!  This is exciting to me and a little intimidating.  I know that the person I am today, in this moment of my journey, cannot operate 300 cities.  How do I know that?  Well, because if I was being that, I would already have 300 operating cities.  Simply stated, I am in the GAP.  I am in the gap between what I say I want and what I currently have.  Being in the gap can be scary and it can also be the most exciting of times. It all depends on how we see it.  The most important thing to remember when we are it the GAP is that we are perfect where we are and that our current results are neutral. When we start beating ourselves up for where we are and for the fact that we don’t have what we want, we get in big trouble. BIG trouble. So much so that we will not even be close to creating what we say we want.

So what is next for me?  If I were to call forth my promoter, she would have me open 10 more cities this year – not interested.  If I ask my analyzer, she would say…hmmmm…let’s see….296 cities in 9 years, that is about 33 each year so to be on track you need to open 2 centers every 3 weeks – not interested.  Now, my supporter, will most likely say…whatever makes the most sense, I’ll be behind it and I will do whatever it takes – I’m kind of liking her right about now.  So what about my controller, she better come up with something brilliant as this is my last resort.  Luckily she called a meeting with the other three and set up a plan to create these results, in excellence, and effortlessly.  Here is what she came up with:

In order to achieve the goal of having 300 training locations in 10 years (or 296 in 9 years which is the case now), the best way is to exponentially grow.  In order for that to happen, the quality of the product and the infrastructure needs to be solid and duplicatable.  This is what we are focusing on in 2016.  We will not be opening any new locations this year.  From 2017-2020 the goal is to grow 50% every year having a total of 20 centers by the end of 2020 (20 by 2020 – I like it!).  From 2021-2024 we will increase the growth to 100% every year, doubling our locations each year – 40, 80, 160, 320.  This means that in 2024 we will be opening roughly 3 locations every week while having about 1600 Part 1s, 1600 Part 2s and 6400 leadership weekends – that is about 185 different trainings going on every weekend and 160,000 people finishing Part 1 every year!  We need trainers and staff!

I can get behind this! The question remains…who do I need to be to have over 185 different trainings happen every weekend?  Who do we all need to be for this vision to manifest? What will we be creating in the world?  Can we reach the 2% tipping point for mass awakening this way?

My goal this year is to refine my speaking skills, create an online Source Movement workshop to reach a larger audience, do my first book tour, find an awesome publicist, and most importantly, solidify Gratitude Training’s foundation so that the infrastructure can handle what we are about to embark on!  So with that said, I will apologize in advance, if I don’t jump on any new projects or partnerships presented to me as I am putting my blinders on this year and rolling up my sleeves and getting to work!

Thank you to everyone supporting this vision and for always so eloquently sharing your breakthroughs and inspiring stories with the world! You (along with my wife and son) are truly the wind beneath my wings!

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