Gratitude Charlotte is on and Popping!

By: Jo Englesson | July 07, 2015

It is with a full heart that I tell you that starting a new city has been nothing short of extraordinary!  The Gratitude Team and Community has come together once again to create magic and spread joy. On June 11, 2015, 90 beautiful souls walked into the first Gratitude Training Part 1 in the town of Mooresville, North Carolina. They are now part of the Gratitude Community and an integral piece of the puzzle to create peace in our lifetime.


We are excited to make Mooresville, NC the home for our new Gratitude Center.  Yes, you heard right, we already signed a lease for a place we can call our own.  The first event at this new location is our FREE Introduction to Gratitude this Thursday, a 2 hour taste of what the trainings are all about.  Barry Warren will be leading this free workshop and as most of you know, he is AMAZING!

In so much Gratitude,
Jo Englesson
Founder & Creative Peacemaker

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