‘BEING’ Open



open window

Open, as defined, is allowing access, passage, or a view through an empty space; it is not closed or blocked up.  We use “open” as a transformational distinction and define it in a very similar way.

For example, being open to doing the training, or to staffing, means the possibility that you will get more out of
the training or staffing. By extension, it is likely you will create more value for yourself. 
Being open is a choice we consciously choose.

When we are open and completely available, this allows for a different listening.  An example: If I am talking to a friend and that person is standing, arms crossed, looking away or looking at their phone, and they say that they are listening to me, my experience is that I would not really have their attention.

Another example: If I am explaining something and you don’t agree with what I am saying, if I ask you to let me explain my point of view, and then you agree to hear me out, that would allow a space in your listening to hear something that you may not have thought of before. After hearing me out, you may still disagree with me, but you were open to hearing something different.

We ask everyone to be open, even if you have circumstances that you can’t see from where you are standing right now. Being open doesn’t necessarily change that, but it changes the context you are.

This sets an importance context for the training and that is why we request it of people.


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