Forgiveness As a Distinction


Forgiveness is a cornerstone of the Gratitude Training, alongside Love and Gratitude. The distinction of forgiveness within the Gratitude context is what, according to Jo, sets it apart from other centers. Creating forgiveness is what ultimately creates the space for Love and Gratitude to be.

Forgiveness is defined within the training three ways:

  • To love and give as before. This is a reconnection to the authentic self where the context is innocence and where a human being is love. When people live as their whole, perfect and complete selves, life in paradigm giver and being love happens.
  • To give up all hope that the past could have been any other way than it was.
    Hoping for the past to be more, better or difference is detrimental to transformation since it keeps a  person stuck in maintenance. Additionally, this person will remain at effect of his/her life instead of at cause. When a person chooses to be present in the moment, accountable for results to this point, and willing to look, it creates freedom where he/she can create and choose what is next and take vision-driven action.
  • Grace is unmerited divine assistance; a virtue coming from God. Again, if every person is of god, whole, perfect and complete, this is a return to innocence. This is an acknowledgment that all we acquire and experience is a gift of and from divinity as a birth right. Forgiveness creates the space where grace can be let in.

By Holly Berube


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