“Gratitude Training will be available in 300 cities within 10 years…from 2017-2020 the goal is to grow 50% every year having a total of 20 centers by the end of 2020.”

~Jo Englesson, April 2016

How many times have you heard, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me!”  Well, members of our Gratitude community have taken that saying to heart and demonstrated the distinction of Be, Do, Have!  A powerful group of individuals DECLARED Gratitude Training Part 1 would be offered in New Jersey in 2017. They were committed to being a part of my vision… They were willing to do whatever it takes…  And, drumroll please…

New Jersey, here we come!!! EWR-GT1 Part 1 is scheduled for August 3-6, 2017!! Can’t you feel the energy intensifying!?!

My purpose in life is to BE (authentic, powerful, inspiring), DO (more of what I enjoy and brings out the best in me) and HAVE (world peace manifest in my lifetime). Continually clarifying my purpose has changed everything. A clear, well-defined purpose has provided me with direction and has allowed me to pull together resources, ideas and people for a common cause…world peace.

Clarity also challenges me to commit to actions that get me closer to my ultimate vision. I know what I want, I know why I want it and I see the impact it will have on the world once it has been achieved. I have a clear understanding of what I want next month, next quarter and next year. So, I’m going for it… In addition to our first Part 1 in New Jersey this year, I’d like to add 8 additional Part 1 trainings in new cities in 2017!

If you’ve been quietly (or not so quietly) requesting Gratitude Training be brought to your city and you’re ready to take committed action, work with a team and create extraordinary results, you’re going to be genuinely interested in what I say next…

Imagine this… You, as the City Liaison, are playing team with one of Gratitude Training’s experienced Training Coordinators and one of our incredible Trainers. As a team, you will declare your city, create a plan, work with a timeline, oversee the coordination of activities related to Part 1, inspire enrollment, create relationship with participants, locate a venue, enroll support staff and HAVE IT HAPPEN.

Gratitude Training will support you every step of the way.  Once your request is approved, we’ll create a Facebook group, provide a series of grounding calls, provide a road map, enable and manage enrollment via our website and software, book the venue and prepare and ship supplies and equipment at the appropriate time. Gratitude Training will cover all necessary costs associated with the training (venue, food, travel and hotel accommodations).

As a City Liaison you will be engaged as an independent contractor through the completion of Part 1 with an agreement to perform specific services.

Do you have the courage to take the risks needed to make this vision a reality? Who is that one person that “gets to go” because of your stand to bring a Gratitude Training Part 1 to your city? How many lives will improve because of your declaration? What breakthroughs will you experience by having it happen? Is your commitment Level 7? Is your mantra, OWTFDWIT?

Do I have your attention? My commitment is to world peace in my lifetime. My purpose and vision are well-defined and, therefore, I am unstoppable! I am the source. Who wants to play this fast-paced, intense, outrageously fun, unreasonably challenging game with me?

Click here to apply and for more details on bringing Gratitude Training Part 1 to your city.  Contact Cherrie (cherrie@gratitudetraining.com) if you have additional questions.

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