The Power of a Spiritual Practice


I used to think that anyone who said they had a spiritual practice was someone chanting on mala beads while doing a one handed arm balance…

 Now, I have found a daily grounding practice to be extremely important commitment to live an awakened life.  As we start proving the ego wrong and stepping into love and our wholeness, our ego minds can get louder and louder in opposition.  Finding your own spiritual practice is helpful in connecting and quieting the mind, even if its just for a few minutes each day.

 As we connect and access presence, our days walking in this world can be vision based instead of feelings or experienced based.  Practicing that presence supports us in living the distinctions that we have spoken of so far and creating an amazing life of service and aliveness.

 One thing that supported me in the beginning of my own journey was when someone said that everyone’s practice is different.  People ground in different ways, and no way is “better” or “more spiritual” than anyone else’s! We can look back to different spiritual traditions and connect with some of their practices, like chanting, mantras, prayer, controlled breathing, mindfulness, etc.  While these support many people, there are a lot of people I’ve spoken to who have crafted their own grounding practice each morning that’s unique and equally as powerful.  Sometimes its making a cup of coffee and reading a poem, dancing to an awesome song, going on a run, or painting.  Whatever it is, make it yours and be consistent.

 As you dive into this commitment, you will see your days open up and a new inspiration to live your vision emerge.  And its all because you took time out of your schedule to honor yourself and connect with what sustains you.

Written by Taylor Russell

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