The Gratitude Training is a powerful, exciting and impactful approach toreorient your way of “being” to more effectively support you in reaching your goals, creating success and fully experiencing gratitude and joy. We are committed to inspiring you to create the extraordinary in your life andin your community. Our 3-part curriculum challenges you to illuminate your blind spots. Your new awareness enhances your critical thinking skills and has you operate as a solution-oriented leader.

Part 1 of the Gratitude Training is about self-discovery. In this 4-day training, you have an opportunity to become aware of both your effective and ineffective beliefs. Being able to distinguish these beliefs has you experience a profound shift in the way you view yourself, your results and your ability to take committed action on what matters to you most. Part 1 is experiential. Games, group interactions and a number of “stop and look” exercises allow you to have an experience of yourself in different real-life, simulated situations. Through having the experience of “watching” yourself from a neutral perspective you can choose ways of being and beliefs that propel you forwardin your life and discard the ones that hold you back.
As a graduate of Part 1 you will:
• Increase personal and professional productivity
• Deepen relationships
• Develop greater self confidence
• Experience a new sense of freedom
• Close the gap between goals and results

Part 2 of the Gratitude Training is about breakthrough. You will have an opportunity to redesign any of the ineffective beliefs that you discovered in Part 1. This 5-day training offers you the skills to reinvent your life using the most powerful transformational and educational tools available today. In Part 2 you will break down your “ego box” in order to fully experience your authentic self and embark on a life of no regrets. Most graduates describe Part 2 as the most powerful five days of their lives.

As a graduate of Part 2 you will:
• Create extraordinary results in your personal and professional life
• Experience a greater sense of intimacy and connection in relationships
• Acquire an empowered relationship with fear
• Recognize your authentic self and let it be your guide
• Discover the courage to actualize your long-forgotten dreams and desires
• Initiate a life of freedom and passion
• Develop effective and heartfelt communication tools

Masterful Living (ML), the third part of the Gratitude Training, has you leave the safety of the training room and apply what you learned into your life. During this intense, three-month program you will have both a coach and a team that will encourage you to fully develop yourself in all areas of your life. The emphasis on community development and service will inspire you to create the extraordinary. Your coach will ensure that you rise to the occasion, pursue a cherished dream, remain aligned with your deepest values and passions and connect with your vision while being a contribution.
As a graduate of ML you will:
• Live each day from possibility and committed action
• Operate from a win-win philosophy
• Create financial abundance
• Master working as a team
• Create deep, meaningful relationships
• Act from commitment rather than “feelings”
• Develop a purpose-driven life and a Vision that pulls you
• Tap into global consciousness